Monday, December 31, 2007

Hey! More Visitors!!!

Really, mommy?? More people coming for a visit?! YAAAY!!
Look who's here now! Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve!!
(And Uncle Steve's strange little friend??!!)

This is way cool---HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You Santa!!

Wow--I hardly know what to say......but that's OK---I don't know how to talk yet anyway!

Kinda creepy...but I'll go along with it!

Christmas morning---we all got up early....
...and started to open stuff....whad'ya get Tyler!?

Thumb break! Nice pants pop! Way to get all dressed for Christmas!
Buncha girls lookin' pretty good for 9am!

oooohhh....gotta be's shiny!
Little help with this bow for heaven's sake!!??
Remove Formatting from selection This is such a good picture I told daddy to put it in twice!
(Read the help menu, dad...)
'Nother thumb break...this is hard work!! Thanks mommy and daddy! This was the best Christmas I ever had! ;-)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Time for visiting!

Look who's here!! Aunt Sue and Tricia came up from Florida for a visit! (Hmmmm.....there's a plan--leave 80 degree Melbourne to come to rainy, sleety, snowy, Philly!! I'm glad they did!) They seem like really nice people---good at holding babies! I think they got lots of practice with Kaylie and Makenzie!

I almost forgot---Christmas was awsome! I'll get some pictures up soon, but right now I gotta go show my guests the "Rocky" statue, and daddy says I gotta "run up the steps" ?! Sometimes I wonder about him.......

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

I figured something special was going on.....there were lots of people at church last night.....and the priest told a beautiful story.....and mommy and daddy were up late.....and friends were visiting....and the sky was clear and bright.....and the moon and stars were so pretty.....and my world felt better when I woke up this morning.....I hope it stays this way........

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus......

Love to all.....

Mr. HaynesHead and Family

Monday, December 17, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!

What A face :)

After dinner on Sunday, it was Tree Trimming Time!

My Sister in the Christmas Spirit!!
Goofy Girls :)
Great Job, Kids!!!!!


Sunday afternoon~~Family Time~~We all baked Christmas Cookies-- Mommy said when I get TEEFERS I Can Have Some! :)

Saturday morning~~ Daddy put the lights on Our Christmas Tree..... AND I got to watch (hey pops--you missed a spot!!)
Saturday Night~~It's Party Time!! Daddy & Mommy had the night off~ (thanks to Monica). They had so much fun @ daddy's work Christmas Party!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No special reason....just a bunch o' happy pictures!

....told you I like my thumb....
Back away or I'll activate this cow-sound-making-button-thingy!! happy feet..... general-purpose pleasant face....
....and my smirk-face (Tyler gets this one a lot!)

Right after this picture I threw up all over daddy's Eagles shirt---they deserve it!!
...Little Red Hollyn Hood....
Just chillin' in my red button-up coat......
One of my daddy's friends made the afghan I'm sitting on---daddy said it reminds him of HIS Grandma Haynes (he still has the one she made him for his high school graduation!)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Another busy weekend!!

Me and mommy by the tree---she decorated this one all by herself!!! It's beautiful!!
....don't move....and don't look now, but I think there's someone behind me....
I would like to meet the 1st person who ever decided to eat a squash----what were they thinking??!!
I do like bananas, rice, and applesauce---but I like my thumb better than anything.

Time to go sleepy---long day..........

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I found out about my name!!!!

So.....lots of people ask my parents about my name. "Hollyn---where'd you find that name? It's different!" "We found it in a baby-name book--it means "fresh-faced", and when we saw her---well, she just looked like a Hollyn!" "And what about Patricia?" That's usually when daddy gets "that look" on his face--you know--that happy/sad look. Well---he finally told me all about it----Patricia was my grandma!!!! How cool is that??!!! And guess what? Today is her birthday!! So daddy sang to her and told me the most amazing stories about Patricia Ann Haynes---she sounds like a wonderful mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and grandma! He told me about all the things they did when he was growing up, and how she loved her husband, children, and grandchildren so much---sounds like I'm really gonna miss out on a very special person....but I do get to share her name so I'm pretty happy about that!!! And I'll think of her every time I get in trouble--- "Hollyn Patricia Haynes!!! Get in here!!!" (What's with the middle name thing when a kid gets in trouble?!)

Daddy also said that she was very pretty--he showed me his favorite picture.


Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy/Sad Day :|

My daddy told me about my uncle Dan--today is his birthday. This is an old favorite picture that my dad has--it makes him smile! I'm sorry I never got to meet uncle Dan--daddy told me lots of really good things. He was a wonderful husband and father....he was a proud soldier....he was a Knight--a man of great faith....he loved his family and was their hero....he was kind and gentle....and funny...and sometimes he even smiled ;).....daddy said uncle Dan liked to lean on the counter and look over his glasses--I don't know what that means but when daddy told me that he was happy and sad at the same time....
These pictures were taken a few days before Thanksgiving in 2004....daddy had that happy/sad face again when he showed me these.....
I guess this is uncle Dan lookin' over his glasses....kinda, sorta, tryin to smile...

I'm glad my dad told me about uncle Dan---he sounds pretty cool! To Aunt Sue, Tricia, Kristy, William, and "papa's girls"--I'm sending you lots of happy happy thoughts right NOW!!!!


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Happy Holidays to everyone from all us Philly kids!!