Tuesday, January 29, 2008

RAH RAH SIS (get it?!) BOOM BAH!!!!!

LOOK---Kairst is smiling!! No more braces!!! AND she is such a good cheerleader! It looks like so much FUN!! Mommy said I can't jump on the furniture OR the trampoline OR wear stars on my face yet...... :(
I have to wait til I get teefers. No--wait--that's the whole food discussion....never mind!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hey!!! What's with the hair, Tyler?!?!

Allright.....so I'm tryin' to get the thing about boys--'specially teenagers--but I gotta say I was a bit surprised by what I saw.....Don't be nervous about him--it's "just a guy thing" on the swim team!! What's next?! Shaving your head??!! (Daddy said legs too??!!!)
Yes...THIS is my big brother.....I'm so proud! One of his buds.... ...and all the Senior boys at their last home meet....
...very serious when he swims.....

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Haynes!

So it was about 5:30 this morning....I had been a good girl and slept all night....but I was hungry....and wanted to play....so daddy came down and gave me a bottle...but didn't seem to want to play....he had that "happy/sad look" again....and then showed me some pictures....and told me all about his "pop". He read me a story that many of you heard a few years ago---even I got a little misty with that one---'specially when grandpa said he was dancing with grandma....

I think grandpa sounds pretty cool....

Happy Happy Day Grandpa!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


This is what daddy came home to on his big day!
He does like his hat.... (?)
Daddy said somethin' like "Go take a BIG LEAP yourself!!!"
And then he said, "Leap THIS!!!" (Mommy said "Hey--the baby's listening!" Leap what?? I was confused.)

Do you like this hat?!

Mokie was at school and couldn't come tease daddy so Tyler
had to do extra teasing... ;(
Is daddy gettin' shorter in his old age?!
Kairstin and Krista decorated the whole house with balloons-n-stuff!Daddy said this is what happens to bad frogs who accuse people of being old.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Daddy looks Soooo handsome in his new birthday hat:)
Happy 50th----- I Love You!

"Do You Like my hat?" " I do, I like it! I like that party hat!" :>

Sunday, January 6, 2008

What a great way to start the New Year!!!!

What a busy couple days! Daddy took our guests to do some "touristy" stuff, we had a big party on January 1st, and daddy got a special cake that I'm not sure he liked very much!!

Mommy said that my family is even way bigger than this! Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, California---they're all over the place!!! I can't wait to meet everybody else!
Finally--mommy, daddy and all us kids....same place-same time!!!
That made me VERY happy!!

I was sooooo trying to throw up on my big brother!
Daddy made pork and sauerkraut---and he calls ME stinky? HA!
Daddy made a mad face when mommy gave him this cake!
....and then he tried to spit on it!!! I wish I was 50--then I'd have teefers!!
Tricia had to take a nap at the same time I did---we we very tired....
Daddy kept yellin' "YO! TRICIA!!" He's so weird sometimes.....
....a gusty day at Valley Forge National Park.....
Aunt Sue and Tricia were freezin'......
....but the deer were happy.....
Daddy says we should remember our soldiers....this day and everyday...

More Christmas Fun!!

On Saturday after Christmas we went to NJ to hang out with the gang...we even got more presents! It was, as daddy says, a blast!! I was bummed that Krista and my cousin Ashley couldn't be at the party---maybe next time!!! My sister and my cousin Brian.... Do you like his hat??
" Chuck Taylors"??!! What are they and why are they on my feet?!
What a bunch of cousins! We had fun hangin' out.....
Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Colleen, Mike, Michelle, and Megan
Mommy was the WII Queen! (That's what she said--Kairst said, "HA HA!!"
Tyler's not happy about something.......
....and neither is Jackie.....something about Aunt Chrissy and
that #@*! camera!!
Mommy and Aunt Heather.......
Lots of good food.....for grown-ups (I know, I know--"when I get teefers......")
Uncle Brian, Aunt Heather, Jackie, Brian, and Rylee