Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Happy Day!!

'Twas 4 years ago--so I'm told-
That mommy and daddy got bold-
Off to Vegas they went-
Lots of money they spent-
Sayin' let's do this before we get old!

So they packed up my sibs and they flew-
Way up through the skies so blue-
They landed in heat-
The kids had a great seat-
As Mommy and Dad said I DO!!

Happy Aniversary Mommy and Daddy---thanks for lettin' me nudge my way into this picture!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hangin' with some Buckeyes on the 4th of July!!!!

This was such a cool weekend.....Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary and their whole family came for a visit!!!

I got to give Isabella a birthday present---did you know she's THREE?!?...she was readin' her big girl books....
.... Me 'n Uncle Steve hangin' out.....
"Ju Wee" gave me 'n Bella a ride in my wagon....I hope I get big like 'Bella some day--it was cool to have a grown up kid around! (She's got so many teefers!!) ...Gettin' ready to head to Ocean City, Maryland...

Finally got there and out of that !@&*# car was fun playin'!!!
I think my new bud Isabella is soooo cute! And you can't imagine how smart she is---she even knows about LEMURS!!!
...AND she shared all her stuff with me!!!!
Me 'n dad 'n uncle Steve hangin' on the pier..... Mommy and daddy dragged me to the beach at 6:30 in the morning! (See the lights on the boardwalk?! And that's the cleaning guy with me and daddy!!!)
Wow---my first look at the ocean......
I REALLY liked it!!!! It was chilly, but gosh---that's one big "baffers"!!!
Thanks for the ride, mommy!
...amazing sand art sculptures.....
Wow...that's all I can can see just about forever way out there!!!
Daddy and uncle Steve yuckin' it up....tellin' lies and talkin' "stuff"......did you know that a palm tree is really a bush??
Bella and her mommy at the pool---it was sooooo cool there!! (and hot, too!)
My cousins Julie and Jennifer---and my new BFF Isabella!!Fun at the boardwalk!! (Mommy said to the lady,"Would you take our picture?!")
We went to Conner's Restaurant---I had chicken nuggets and......
...boardwalk fries with vinegar! And guess what?! I LIKED IT!!!
....daddy got a little tired of the knuckleheads who drive in the passing lane....
....but even though the drive took longer that we wanted.....
...I wasn't TOO "crabby"!! HA!!! Get it?! "Crabby"?? Maryland?? Crabs??!
Oh never mind---I HAD A BLAST!!!!