Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Easter/Spring/Whatever/I Love Everybody Pics

My very fashionable mom in her gardening boots!!!

Buncha' estrogen on Easter!
Aren't they cuuuuuute!?!?!?
Buncha' cousins on Easter Sunday in Jersey!!
Gotta help with the yardwork!!!!
Do you like this hat???!!!?
Doin' "the Bunny's" work!!!

OOOPs!!!! Eggs are very fragile things, don't ya know!?!?
This "Easter Bunny" thing works out pretty good!!!!
HA!!!! Chocolate at 0600!?!?!?! omg---i love it!!!
Chillin' with Mokie and her dog Cadillac......

I like this hat!!! What a hat!!! I like this party hat!!!
How cool is this!?!?! I get to watch tractors and dump trucks and steam shovels and bulldozers RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE!!!! (They're buildin' a new school just for me!!!)


Julie Madera said...

Hollyn, you are just getting too big! You're SO cute and I love all your new hats! :)

Kevin, Isabella, Jennifer Kramer said...


Anonymous said...

Too cute!!!!! You are getting so big Hollyn - hope we get to see all of you sometime over the summer!
The DeWaters

p.s. LOVE the hats!