Sunday, June 28, 2009

I got a big girl bed!!!

Hi everyone--just wanted to say a quick HEY and show you a picture of my new bed (just like my Florida cousins!!). I figured since I'm TWO today I should be sleepin' in a big girl bed! I have lots of things to tell you and a million pictures to catch up on. I've been staying at my cousins' in New Jersey for the last 5 days (more on that later) and I'm headin' home in just a minute......wonder if there's a cake?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLYN! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Aunt Dee Dee, Uncle Ted, Brittany & Jessica

Julie Madera said...

Happy Birthday Hollyn!!

I love the bed....very cute! :)

Mary Gaylord said...

What a big girl you are - in a big girl bed - how cute!
Can't wait to see you all, hopefully soon!

Aunt Mary & Uncle Steve

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart:) Kaylie & Makenzie LOVE your new bed... "We match with Tinker Bell! Can you come to spend the night and stay in our bed?"
Love to all~

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Hollyn!!!!!! I love and miss you like crazy.

Cousin Tricia

Sue Haynes said...

Happy Birthday Princess Hollynn. Why don't you come to visit us and we can go see Tinkerbell! Have a fun 2!

Rachel said...

happy birthday!!! your bed is too sweet! Love the canopy!!!

Kevin, Isabella, Jennifer Kramer said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl! Enjoy that new bed.